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Fashlets designers have been experimenting with studded styles on our bags since 2010. For fans of studded fashion, our handbags and wallets are a great way to rock the stud trend on the conservative side. Clearly, you don't have to crave the edgy '80's punk or alt-culture style to love a metal-tinged bag. Since any studded accessory is bound to become the main focus of your outfit, the Fashlets design philosophy has always been to limit the edgy look to a small accent rather than stud out the entire bag. In design, we also tend toward softer and more sophisticated styles à la the stud collections from Valentino and Louboutin, rather than the punk biker sort. We also keep the prices affordable so you can get that designer studded look for less... a lot less. The collection currently includes studded wallets, studded clutches, studded satchels, and more.